Why I am not a Liberal

Like with my views on conservatism, there are many aspects of liberalism that I agree with. But the direction of modernism is as alien to me as conservatism.

Liberalism used to be the big tent view of tolerance & diversity and conservatism was the party of orthodoxy. These two have switched positions in my life time. Likewise, Liberalism used to be the champion of free speech and education and that too has gone by the wayside.

Modern Liberalism is dominated by folks who are constantly on a quest for pure liberal orthodoxy with willingness to outcast anyone who is not progressive enough, not feminist enough, not tolerate to the right ideas. It is a movement obsessed with safe spaces, inclusion to the point of meaninglessness, identity politics and mastery of Newspeak. Reading liberal news outlets these days is a painful exercise in doxying and identify allies who aren’t allies enough, women who aren’t feminist in the right way, and those who don’t follow the latest series of talking points.

Liberalism is typified by the modern #metoo movements: It wants society to adhere to some ideal that it can’t define, it wants to punish people for committing crimes that aren’t specified, and it wants people punished but it refuses to say what that should be.

Liberalism has completely lost its way and simply can’t define a framework for accomplishing anything.

1 thought on “Why I am not a Liberal

  1. John Harwood

    Nailed it. Ideological purity has become the litmus test for liberalism, when one would think they might be more willing to foster individual perspectives and policies. Unfortunately, that’s simply not the case anymore. Which leaves many of us without a traditional political home.

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