Gentleman’s Library

This is a full shadow box measuring approximately 10x10x15″. Items are 1:12 scale. It is a mix of purchased pieces and handmade items.  

Robotic Hand

This is a paper mache hand/arm that I added the robotic features to.  

Open Door in Black, White and Red

This is the first piece I ever did. Truth is I started it and worked on it (very) sporadically for over 6 years. The piece is in “black and white” …

Round Top Door

My artwork tends to feature a lot of doors. On this one, I was playing around with the concept of a garden wall that was falling down and a door …

Alice’s Doors

This box was completed as a 6 part series of famous doors in literature. This represent the room full of doors that Alice encountered in Alice in Wonderland. The little …

Winter Tree

This was an experiment with some new materials. The tree was sculpted in Spackle and it was painted using oils (I normally use acrylics).  

Hell Box

This was an early piece when I was still experimenting around with materials. The idea is whimsical: police knocking on a door and hell is literally on the other side. …

Back Door

This is one of my very first works. All of the bricks are hand laid and individually grouted. The brinks are made of plaster. The electric boxes are prefab parts …

Graffiti Train Car

This train car is in HO (1:87) scale. It was a first attempt and weathering and painting graffiti at this scale.

Sewer Pipe

As a child I was always interested in the art books that showed cut-away views. This is one of the first pieces I ever did and was more of a …