Why I am not a Conservative

As former Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner recently observed, the modern Republican party has become a party of anarchists. The values of the movement seem to be driven by anti-liberalism as opposed to a coherent strategy. In fact, all traditional conservative values such as free trade, smaller government, and less regulation appear to only be deployed in the service of other ideologically pursuits; but is an ideology that is undefined and hasn’t really been explained by anybody.

But more importantly, modern conservatism is based on policy rejection of science and the academy and the rejection of a secular society enjoined by separation of Church and State. The movement makes no attempt to hide the goal of social conservatism through the embrace of traditional white, protestant values that push to the edge of Theocracy.

I believe strongly in free trade and the principles of limited, disciplined government. But I believe the excess of anti-science views and pro-fundamentalist Christianity are both detrimental to society and to the conservative principle that I do agree with–or at least I did when they were conservative principles.

1 thought on “Why I am not a Conservative

  1. Scott

    Romney came down to speak in St. George a few months back. On the comments of the news story covering the event, I expected to see some criticism and bashing from the left, but it was all from the right. Apparently, Romney is the Worst Person Ever among many conservatives down here. Being moderate on any issue makes a person the darkest traitor. Same thing is happening on the political left in the States.
    I don’t see how the country can continue to function if only those on the extreme ends can make it through their political parties.

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