Welcome Back!


Welcome back to johnlarsen.org mark 2! A lot has happened in the last couple of years and I am finally getting the time to come back and put some of my thoughts in writing.

It was three years ago that I retired the Mormon Expression project. Although it was a deeply satisfying project,  it took a great deal of time and energy. As my focus and drive to study and discuss Mormonism declined, it became an unsustainable endeavor. I still have a small and abiding interest in some of the deeper philosophical, psychological and theological questions Mormonism encounters–just not enough to record a weekly show.

Without going too much into personal matters, my last two years has also been dominated by dealing with my two autistic children as they transition to being teenagers. If you also factor in my marriage, move to a new home and taking on two more wonderful teenagers as step children, my life has been full.

During the two years I have launched some other projects, which have petered out due to life happenings. For example, I launched the Circle Six podcast project and recorded for a few months. I then received a big and welcomed promotion at work. But the time was not available to dedicated to the project.

But now I am back. I have a big backlog of back material that I want to get into one place and a trove of ideas for new writing. My style is not for everyone and I don’t expect many will follow. But if you are of a similar mindset to me, I hope you will find some value here.




3 thoughts on “Welcome Back!

  1. mark

    Great to have you back John. Thanks for your amazing work!

  2. David Dickson

    Missed you, your insights and the truth. (Hello Nauvoo Expositor.)

    Helped me through a really difficult time in life. Coming out the “other side” intact. One of my children also listened and left. We are close and this commonality cements us.

    Thank you for being so brave. Our current elected leaders (secular & spiritual) could use a current Thomas Becket such as yourself to kick against the pricks.


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