“The Principles”


In 2013 several of us got together over the course of a few months to construct something like a Church–but without the baggage of traditional dogma or metaphysical belief. We met for several rounds and came up with what we called “The Principles”. This was a group effort and I do not claim sole authorship.

The Principles (v6.1)

2/3/13 Published for Open comment


  1. We have faith in the power, creativity and ability of human beings to work democratically for the common good.
  2. We acknowledge that reason, empirical evidence and the scientific method are the most effective tools for discovering knowledge, ethics and moral behavior. We embrace all truth and commit to updating any conclusions as better information becomes available.
  3. We hold that living a good life requires neither fear of punishment nor promise of reward.
  4. We believe in the inherent equality of all human beings.
  5. We believe in compassion and charity and our responsibility to assist one another.
  6. We value love, kindness, honesty, creativity, authenticity, integrity, tolerance, respect, gratitude, patience, optimism, and forgiveness.
  7. We commit to investing in the future of the planet and humanity on a timescale longer than our own.


We welcome all who honor these values of the community and are willing to support these principles. We also affirm the right of each person to his or her own beliefs.