Here are pictures documenting the Journey of Mormon Expression. More to come!

One of the original advertisement images for the new podcast.



A view of the corner of “Studio Fist in your Face”, “Studio 1A” or “The Den of Iniquity”. You can see the microphone stand and a folding chair at the bottom. John typically sat where those papers are shoved in the bookshelf towards the right. Those were probably notes from the show. The books are all real and were all books on Mormonism.


This picture is circa 2012 and was taken at the Guggenheim Los Angeles museum. A well connected fan of Mormon Expression had arranged this lunch/meeting of the minds. Left to right is John Larsen, Sam Harris, John Dehlin, Brian Keith Dalton (aka Mr. Diety), Michael Shermer, and Zilpha Larsen.


This is a picture of the Salt Lake City Studio looking over the Engineer’s desk. The studio had permanent seating for 4 panelists. John always sat next to the door using the microphone with the yellow muff under the “on air.” sign.