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John's Projects and Publications

The collection of John's active projects and publications

John Larsen Podcast

The weekly podcast of John Larsen dealing with issues of the post religious philosophy of living.


The ongoing writings and musing of John.

Mormon Expression Podcast

John is the host of the popular Mormon Expression podcast which deconstructs the Mormon religion.

White Fields Educational Foundation

John is the Executive Director of the White Fields 501(c)(3) non-profit which provides transitional service

Blog Postings

John's most recent blog postings

The John Dehlin Effect

Doctor John Dehlin is a well known community builder and social critic inside the world of Mormonism. He is an agitator who presses for social and cultural reform in the right-wing, hyper-conservative Mormon world. John is a bright, charismatic leader that is both well loved and derided by those who have left the Mormon faith

Jul 26, 2016 Admin

Here I Stand

This essay was first published on the Mormon Expression blogs on March 12, 2012 My relationship with Mormonism is complex. I have served as a commentator, critic, research, occasional defender, and a former member. I have been in the shoes of the skeptic and the believer; I have lived on both sides of the fence.

Nov 13, 2015 Admin

The Next Thing

For several years I was a vocal critic of the Mormon Church. I spent 30+ years devoted to the religion before I lost my faith and came to understand how harmful it was. After that, I wanted to help support others in the difficult transition out of religious devotion. I was a podcaster and writer

Nov 12, 2015 Admin
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